Gout: a view on the disease as a general metabolic problem


gout, uric acid, metabolic syndrome, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular risk.

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Zhuravlova, L., & Fedorov, V. (2019). Gout: a view on the disease as a general metabolic problem. The Practitioner, (1), 5-9. Retrieved from https://plr.com.ua/index.php/journal/article/view/261


The article discusses a disorders of uric acid metabolism, that lead to the development of not only gout, but also systemic lesions, which, in turn, increase the cardiovascular risk. According to the studied literature, asimilar general mechanisms of the development of non-immune granulomas exist in goutas well as in atherosclerosis. The formation of granulomas leads to structural changes, tissue damage, and inner organ dysfunction. Thes efacts indicate that them entionedabove diseases should be considered as general metabolic problems, associated with the development of systemic lesions. The systemic nature of gouts hould be takenin toconsideration when prescribing preventive measures, as well as when choosing treatment strategy.disease.



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